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Recorded in a solitary state in a room with a 4-track.


released January 7, 2011



all rights reserved


RIP RECORDS Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Not Human
I am not human or divine.
I am a dark and dying creature.
I have no feeling in my spine.
I wear most awful gruesome features.
My skin it crawls with the worries of the people who are praying to the steeple, there is nothing beating in my heart it don't know how to start on its own.
I wrap my face into a smile.
Laced thick with discomfort
foaming with denial.
Oh me oh my.
Not human or divine.
Track Name: Special Death
Why is everyone that I know dying? They say "Whatever" they got better things to do. Why is everyone that I know lying?
Their attention with dead corpses is taking up their time.
Get over it and get moving, i need to feel the anger in the movement.
Get over it and get going, the apathy has started growing.
Why is everyone I know depressed?
A guilty conscience it get the best of you.
There is no all knowing test.
Do what you wanna do.
Track Name: Better Off Quit
Walking in the early morning
The best part of my day sometimes.
Windy cold and rainy but I always find my way
Step into the bus and then it's off to start the day.

I think that i'd be better off quit
than spend my time feeding people shit.
Sitting somewhere smoking till it hurts.

????? ?????? ??????? ????????
but 8 hours it seems so fucking long.
I should just get over it and warm up these cold feet
and hope that in 5 years I won't be sitting in this seat.

I think that I'd be better off quit
than spend my time eating people's shit.
Sitting on some porch somewhere smoking till it hurts.
Track Name: Demolición
Hechemos abajo la estación de tren.
Demoler, demoler, la estación del tren.
Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta yah yah yah

Me gusta volar la estación del tren.
Demoler demoler demoler demoler.
Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta yah yah yah