Traces to Nowhere


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released August 9, 2011



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RIP RECORDS Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Listening
Listening to people speak
is such a bore sometimes
all you wanna do is prove
you know what everything is about
well, you'd be wrong in guessing
that your answers are alright
at all
because your guesses
make YOU stupid and a bore

I'll open up my ears
to let in bias self destroying information
through my head
that way I can apply it
to my modern language
a common mechanism to prove one's ignorance

poetry, religion
what a tough debate
what a stupid whimsical
subjective reasoning for hate

I'll toss my candidate onto the ballot
and hope no one decides that he is god
sure as hell ain't voting
for my own hypocrite

and the blood that's racing
through these veins and arteries
is getting ready to burst the dam
unleashing what is free
through its inherent freedom
destroy the ego
and suck the tears dry
Track Name: Living Quarters
these living quarters
are stifling
they react to my enduring trust
in their protection

but the walls around here are paper thin
and the voices that are heard
through their layers of paint
seem aggressive
and impulsive
and perplexed

at the root of communication
is a difficult connection to achieve

there are among us
a vast number of recorders
they replay the same
broken dialogue over and over

these peripheral devices, these machines
are plugged directly into the core
of our small society
since they're fueled
by common fears and misconceptions
they detain a fresh creation of ideas

doing, breathing, living life
and screaming at the world
is so much better than sitting prim
and laughing in ridicule
while your insides want to tear you apart
organ from muscle until they tear out your heart

until they tear out your heart
Track Name: Sensitive
Hey, i'm fucking sensitive
and I don't really care who knows it
hey i've lost the confidence
i needed to repair the holes that have crumbled away

there's no way to stop the hemorrhaging
there's no way to ease the pain
except with more pain

maybe after years of degradation
maybe then you'll see that it wasn't the way

there's a certain attraction to a certain death
an allure to apathy
i guess that's why compassion lies dead at my side
guess that why compassion lies dead next to me

i hurt
you hurt
we all hurt for what

this sex is savagely repressed
it's got no hopes to make itself a better personage
a brain that's de-evolving into pitiful half dead cells
and they're taking they're frustrations out on me

i will do everything I am told
i will do everything i am told
i will suffer because of what i'm told
this is why I get the way I do
Track Name: Gravity
**Lyrics by Ashley Krey/Future Virgins**

I hear it in your sighs
the unshakable ties
there's a soul moving west
asleep unmolested

the fear in your eyes like unbreakable tides
there's a hole in your chest where invincible once rested

try to get by
but you break down and cry

when everyone's dying, then you'll be relying on me and I'll be there just as long as there's gravity
Track Name: Homewrecker
of all the fucked up things to do
it obviously failed on you
to feel so victimized
looking forward to beating
on creatures you can't begin to know yet
oh yeah

of all the fucked up things to do
it clearly traumatized you
a bitter memory
ignored and abandoned
it's not an anger you were born with
oh no

to let out the aggression of a parent abuser
you did
a mirror image

for failing for lying
it obviously failed on you
let go of it
before you wreck another human