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Recorded by Paul Hellinger at the Farside (RIP) in 2011.


released July 25, 2011

Drums: Gerardo
Bass: Saado
Guitar/Vocals: Sebo



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RIP RECORDS Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Bike Device
My bike, the one device
that takes me to the places
where I might change my life
but I ride at a thousand miles an hour
right towards the sour smiles
on the road of denial

By the time i get to the liquor store
it feels endless
and i drown in a bottle

and these words, and these songs and this life
they seem meaningless
and i can't rationalize

"you look good alive,
but life doesn't make any promises"

You'll be left hanging with the dead
Track Name: River of Whiskey
depression is a fountain
you can tap like a keg
sucking it dry
to get fucked in the head
until there's nothing
and no one cares

a skateboard
with a broken king pin
that keeps breaking
over and over again
leaves you wasted
blue in the face

You've got a hole
it's full of nothing at all
digging it deeper
with your loss of control

drinking from a river
of whiskey and gin
passing and out
and waking up
to do it again
until there's nothing
and no one cares

drunk in the middle of oncoming traffic
a fucking bike wreck waiting to happen
leaves you wasted
leaves you dead

You've got a hole
it's full of nothing at all
digging it deeper
with your loss of control

The garden of ego
has turned into a dumping ground
of human parts
and you keep lining it with gold

no control
Track Name: Scum
Your well being is the killer
of the heart, feeding forth from the flesh
the crass consumption

from the plate to the mouth, through grinding teeth
the mass induction

to the cult of the whim to kill the weak
the mass consumption

of the pills you seek for thrills
to please the dry endorphines

to reach a measure of sanctity
to feed a blatant hypocrisy
timing ripe to plant the seed
spawn more scum, like you

the kind of shit that rips me apart in the night
Wake up screaming

scum, like you

Track Name: Timid Life
I see a timid life, it huddles in the shadows
sits still caged in fright
straight to the gallows

you are who left it lying
you are who watch it dying
to fuel your fun, to shoot your gun

who only kill
you only kill

to feed the vacant dread.
Track Name: Timed Existence
at times it seems to bright
you hide form the future light
time flies, you set your sight
and fire towards a dimming sky

last night we said goodbye
and I thought I caught a glimpse
of how this thinking might
bury all our sins

but now it's over
you don't have to run away

timed existence
time is another charade
timed existence
time is just yourself
Track Name: Reason
Face it
you're born and then you die
there's no reason (there's no meaning)
it ends with what you know

again and again
and again and again
and again
try to slip it in your pocket
wanna ram it down your throat

in every human being
the only way to be
Track Name: Petulant Youth
I wanted more so I took my chances
and asked if you liked it when i flirted with you
there was a time when the thought of another
was like a ton of bricks on my chest
and a clamp on my skull

everyone is looking for something
even though the truth is there is no truth
everyone is looking for someone
to tell their innermost secrets to

I see the kid with his highfalutin air
in the face of a distorted mirror
that fucking kid with his broken diatribe
looking at the picture of a petulant youth
Track Name: Nice and Private
thinking gone
but looking down
my ass is in the timing

a bunch of tiny people
surrounding a mound the they're climbing
only to fall when they reach the summit

it's just that this town sucks for biking around
without busting your ass on the fucking pavement
everywhere it seems like a bunch of rich creeps
are trying to take advantage from their vantage points

...nice and private

they're racing around
running this place to the ground
while I'm running in place and scrambling
everyone cooperates
but why am i so pissed
a deep conviction to resist
Track Name: Substantial Culture
I lived my life on the street
walking for miles to end up drinking in a parking lot
with all the other creeps
wasting our lives away getting shitfaced

i never took nothing but what i consumed
it's so american to be the substance
stupid people all around me assume

that i would retreat
but now i ride and pull up to the parking lot
and everyone that I meet
their vain impression mean fucking nothing

it's so incredible, they take no notice
of the shit that they consume
it's unbelievable, they take no notice
of what they kill for their fucking substance

I've got a substance for you.