Condition EP


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Bitterness can sprout amazing ideas if you bury it deep enough.


released May 7, 2010

Album was recorded by Franco in Tallahassee, Fl on a warm spring afternoon. Saad brought the beer and extra mics. Brian mastered the songs in Miami. Meg played bass, Mike played guitar, and Sebastian played drums and sang.

2010 RIP RECORDS 001



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RIP RECORDS Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Not Human
I am not human or divine. I am a dark and dying creature with awful gruesome features. not human or divine. My skin, it crawls with the worries of the people who are praying to the steeple. There is nothing beating in my heart, it don't know how to start on its own. I warp my face into a smile laced thick with discomfort, foaming with denial. oh me, oh my, i am not human or divine.
Track Name: Condition
I felt stuck in that place, the people were pushing and pulling, telling me that self worth was something reserved for the wealthy. We can create a condition where love between living things is the only status quo ever worth following. I felt trapped in that place, the men there were always controlling, forcing their sexual whimsy, pushing their insecurities. We can create a condition where love between living things is the only status quo ever worth following. Don't you realize that love is in you? Unless you're forcing, unless you're pushing, unless you're pulling.
Track Name: Circumstance
Circumstance, it reminds you of where you came from. It's not something to run away from. Just deal with living your life cause everyday it gets harder. These silly dreams make me want to scream when I'm awake and sober. But then I bake and the world gets shaky...It's over. It's impossible to realize an ideal. It's in your head until you're dead and that's the way that I feel. If there are mirrors all around you then smash em up in spite of broken knuckles. Forget luck, cause life is a cluster fuck. Throw back some beers, embrace your fears, forget the years and let the tears flow, cause when it's over, it's over. Gonna blast past it on my frame of disaster, building up to not giving a fuck. Changing lanes but my mind is stuck playing chicken with a semi-truck.
Track Name: The Collective Destiny of america and the rest of the world
The banks are failing all around me but the people need more money to fuel the emotion, to fool the brain. So, they take to games and hand-held video. It's the collective destiny of american and the rest of the world. Everyday millions of college aged people live their american dream. they pay to have their food made so i can say that I make a living wage. And millions of middle aged parents just assume that their lies will be A-OK and they pray that their babies won't be gay. Don't they know that the president is the precedent of a rich minority, of this racist fucked society, of this feudal fucking system? I can't conceive of ten thousand bucks and I just don't give a fuck.